Macy’s Herald Square Kettle Site
Kicks off WPIX “Ring Off”


December 13, 2017 – Members of the WPIX-TV Channel 11 news team joined with The Salvation Army on Dec. 13th to ring bells and spread holiday cheer at the kettle site in front of the Macy’s Herald Square entrance — the first of three “ring offs” scheduled at key Manhattan kettle locations in the final days before Christmas.

Initiated by WPIX, the “ring offs” involve three teams of WPIX reporters working for an hour as “guest bell ringers” in a competition to see which team can raise the most money during their time at the kettles. The winning kettle site will be announced in a segment on WPIX’s morning show (date to be announced), with a Salvation Army representative invited to do the “reveal.”

Joining Lt. Chaka Watch, Commanding Officer of The Salvation Army’s Harlem Temple Corps Community Center, and Major Philip Wittenberg, Greater New York Divisional Secretary, at the Macy’s Herald Square kettle were WPIX morning anchor Kala Rama, reporter Anthony DiLorenzo, and entertainment anchor Oji Obiekwe, who covered the event, while also taking time to ring bells, sing, dance, and . . . um, gently urge passersby to donate. The blistering cold weather couldn’t cool off the PIX team’s enthusiasm as numerous adults and families flocked to the kettle. But was it enough to score a win?

“Well, these three from PIX 11 are such high energy, I’d say the groups next week from PIX 11 will really have to put out their best effort to beat these three,” said Major Wittenberg. “I don’t want to predict, but they’re doing very well!”

According to Lt. Watch, this PIX team collected a total of $185.78 during the hour they served as guest bell ringers.

Regardless of who wins, though, Major Wittenberg believes the media coverage during the run-up to Christmas is invaluable. “I think it’s crunch time so I think any extra exposure we get through TV, radio, print is crucial to the success or failure of the bell-ringing effort. So I think this draws peoples’ attention to it. It reminds them that we’re on the home stretch and I think it does generate people to give not just here during this fun time but as they pass kettles all throughout the metro New York City area.”

The “ring off” is expected to resume during the week before Christmas at kettle sites outside Grand Central Station and at Rockefeller Center.

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