Become a Disaster Services Volunteer

“When people ask if I’m a disaster volunteer, I tell them, ‘Yes, and I get paid.’ Their look is incredulous and they ask, ‘You get paid?’ I always reply, ‘Yes, with a handshake, a ‘God bless you,’ a hug, a thank you, and the smile on a small child who has a hot dinner. Yes, I get paid – and money can’t buy that feeling.’”

— Frank Powers, Salvation Army Disaster Services volunteer

The Salvation Army is committed to serving both individuals and communities in crisis 365 days a year. Our volunteer team members play a critical role in that effort.

We value the importance of bringing a community-minded approach to emergency preparedness and response. After accepting your application, we will connect you to a Salvation Army Corps Community Center in your area that not only provides emergency services, but also the appropriate training necessary in such disasters.

Overseen by Corps Officers, Corps Community Centers provide a wide variety of programs in addition to emergency services, such as after-school programs, day care and soup kitchens.  If you would like to join our team, please complete and return the application forms below.  Note: we require two non-family references.

The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services
120 W. 14th Street
New York, NY 10011-7393

Call us at (212) 352-5565.