Basic Needs

Everyone experiences hardship in their lives, and when the little things pile up, it can feel like there’s nowhere else to turn. Thankfully, The Salvation Army of Greater New York is here to help.

Whether you need assistance with rent so you can keep a roof over your head, a bag of groceries to feed you and your family for the next week or simply a new pair of shoes so your son or daughter can walk to school with warm feet … we’re there.

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Food and Meal Assistance

One in six New Yorkers — over 1.4 million people — are food insecure.* They often can’t feed themselves, and may not be sure where their next meal will come from. You have a right to a nourishing meal, and we never want you to go hungry.

If you or your family struggle to afford regular meals, please contact your nearest Salvation Army service provider to inquire about meal services. There are dozens of meal and food opportunities in the Greater New York area, which may include soup kitchens, food pantries, grocery orders, food vouchers and more.

*NYCCAH 2014 Hunger Report

Employment Assistance

One job can turn your whole life around…

The Salvation Army is dedicated to helping those in need get back on their feet, and there’s no better path to self-sufficiency than landing that new job. Please contact your nearest Salvation Army for information about employment assistance, which may include everything from interview training and job hunting assistance, to application help and appropriate clothes for your interview.

(212) 337-7360

Medical Assistance

Your health is a priority. But healthcare can be costly, and for some, it’s difficult to put a trip to the doctor before feeding their family or putting gas in the car. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not you can afford a co-pay, or meet the costs of your child’s prescription.

If you find yourself struggling to meet your or your family’s healthcare needs, please contact your local Salvation Army, as they may be able to assist those in need of such services.

(212) 337-7360

Seasonal Services

Spring, winter, summer and fall — each season comes with its own burdens and responsibilities, especially those harsher months when you may need warm coats for your kids, or assistance with your electricity bill so you can keep your home cool. We also offer holiday assistance for those families who aren’t sure how they’re going to provide a happy holiday for their children.

If you are unable to meet these needs, please contact your nearest Salvation Army location. We may be able to assist you during the more difficult months of the year.

(212) 337-7360