Homelessness & Mental Health Workshop

on structural, historical, societal, and personal obstacles
people with mental health conditions face

Thursday, October 5th 2017 – The Rescue Alliance hosted a workshop on Homelessness and Mental Health at The Salvation Army’s Centennial Memorial Temple on 14th Street in Manhattan. With more than 200 people in attendance for the evening, Richard Vernon, Partnerships Manager for The Salvation Army, served as master of ceremonies for the event, introducing attendees to three experts that provided valuable insight on some of the structural, historical, societal, and personal obstacles people with mental health conditions face, along with how each organization is innovating solutions to this complex problem.

The three presenters were Laura Mascuch, Executive Director of the Supportive Housing Network of New York, Rob DeGuzman, LMHC, Director of Program Effectiveness at the Bowery Mission, and Josiah Haken, VP of Outreach Operations at New York City Relief. Following the presentations, attendees sent in questions for a panel discussion that continued the lively conversation.

Brian Moll, Executive Director of the Rescue Alliance, shared, “We believe the body of Christ best expresses itself when each member of the body does its part to, in this case, grow and build the city of New York into a place that looks a bit more like God intended, and the workshop was another great example of how much more we can do together than we can alone. With two hundred New Yorkers gathered to learn how to serve our homeless neighbors in practical ways, church leaders motivated to involve their congregations on a deeper level, and agencies inspired to collaborate for effective change, everyone walked away last night with more hope in one another and more trust in God to lead the way.”

He continued, “As our annual Don’t Walk By winter outreach approaches, it’s critical that individuals, churches, and nonprofit agencies are both equipped to serve and committed to working together so we can truly turn the tide on homelessness in our city, showing and sharing with the world the same radical love we have received from our amazing Lord and Savior.”

If you would like to know more about the Rescue Alliance, how to get involved with our partners, or learn more about mental health and homelessness in New York, please contact Brian Moll at bmoll@rescuealliance.nyc or visit the Rescue Alliance website.

What is the Rescue Alliance?
The Rescue Alliance is a collaboration of faith-based organizations working together to restore the well-being of homeless men, women, and children in New York City. We are dreaming of a city where everyone belongs.