Salvation Army centers to serve
as “warming stations” as winter storm
and record cold approaches

Wednesday January 3 – As the New York City area braces for Winter Storm Grayson and historically cold temperatures over the next few days, The Salvation Army Greater New York Division is taking action to help protect the homeless and others forced to be outside on the streets.

Effective immediately, The Salvation Army’s community centers around the Greater New York area will be available as “warming stations” for those seeking respite from the snow and bitter cold. Salvation Army representatives at the centers will also be providing referrals to appropriate shelters in the area for those needing longer-term assistance.

In addition to its centers, Salvation Army vehicles will be on the roads, distributing hot beverages and “heat sheets” — specially designed “blankets” able to hold body warmth — for anyone in need.

“The combination of the snow and bitter cold temperatures can be life-threatening to the homeless, or, for that matter, anyone who has to work or be outside for any prolonged period of time these next several days,” said Major James Betts, General Secretary for The Salvation Army Greater New York Division. “The Salvation Army is committed to providing as much support as we can to those individuals.”

The Salvation Army is encouraging assistance from the general public during this weather-related crisis as well. Anyone interested in volunteering for this emergency operation is asked to contact their nearest Salvation Army center. Those interested in making a donation, meanwhile, should go here.

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