-Serenity, Age 11

Phil RamoneThe late 14-time Grammy award winning music producer Phil Ramone believed so much in the power of music to transform lives that, in 2011, he partnered with The Salvation Army to launch The Salvation Army Phil Ramone Orchestra for Children.

The program uses music to serve youngsters from Harlem whose neighborhoods are challenged by poverty, family breakdowns and violence. Phil knew that music can help to build a child’s self-confidence, sense of pride and academic skills and that’s what he wanted for them.

Students are provided with music instruction and academic enhancement. Throughout the year, the orchestra performs everything from jazz to classical, gospel to hip-hop, in concert venues across the city.

11 year-old Serenity says, “I really love this music program because it shows kids that, through music, anything is possible. It shows that we can accomplish anything we want. We can embrace life through music.”

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“I like this class because maybe I can go and share what I learn and can be a teacher one day.”

Ka’Leis, age 10

“What music means to me is a way that I can express my feelings. I love my viola!”

Natasha, age 12

“I enjoy that we can do concerts and play any instrument, and we get extra practice on Saturday!”

Yatzira, age 8