How Many Children We Provide After-School Programs for

In the Greater New York Area

Children Participated in After-School Programs
Hours of Access to Technology Provided
Hours of Mentoring Provided

“You have been my village”
-Mother of child in the Salvation Army School Program


After-School Programs


Kids benefit so much from the structure and education throughout the school day, but what happens when school gets out? More than 28 million kids have parents who work outside the home, and as many as 15 million kids have no place to go after school. For thousands of boys and girls in the Greater New York area, opportunities for extracurricular activities are not always readily available. The Salvation Army recognizes the importance of after-school programs. These programs provide kids with a safe place to play and learn in a supervised and constructive environment.

In many cases The Salvation Army will provide sports, arts and music programs, which may not be available in the local school systems. School districts have struggled to fund these extracurricular programs, and many programs have disappeared completely. The Salvation Army goes to great lengths to provide such integral opportunities for today’s young people.