HIV/AIDS Services

The Salvation Army knows coping with HIV can be an overwhelming process. Our HIV Health Home Center doors are open to all who struggle with this difficult illness.

Even if you can afford the costly treatments and have loved ones to lean on, every day is a struggle to take the right medications at the right time, make countless doctor’s appointments and remind yourself there is so much more to you than HIV. The Salvation Army’s HIV/AIDS Services are meant for individuals whose socioeconomic and mental health backgrounds make living with HIV particularly difficult. With one HIV Health Home Center in the Bronx and one in Manhattan, The Salvation Army’s HIV Services serves nearly 500 clients and their families affected by the disease. Caseworkers monitor treatment adherence, offer advice and listen, while group activities such as budget classes help teach important life skills and provide a sense of community and understanding. If you or a loved one would like more information about our HIV/AIDS health services, search our locations below.

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