Corporate Partnerships

We want you to know how integral your business is to helping us help those in need.


We know how important your business’s contribution is to our community. Whether your business chooses to sponsor a special event, campaign or program through The Salvation Army, you have the extraordinary opportunity to give back to the city in immeasurable ways. This is the perfect way to reinforce the relationship between your business and the community.

With a corporate sponsorship through The Salvation Army, not only are you helping us Do the Most Good, you’re ensuring the public knows how much your business cares about those in need.

Matching Gifts

We find many corporate partners want to know how to maximize the impact of their donations. We recommend offering matching gifts made by your employees. Matching gifts effectively double the donation amount, which in turn encourages more giving. A business can match gifts up to a certain dollar amount each year.

All monetary and in-kind gifts to The Salvation Army are tax-deductible. You may use the Greater New York Division’s Employee Identification Number (EIN) on any employee giving program form or application.

For more information about Corporate Sponsorships or Matching Gifts,
call or email Devon Reel at

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