Serving Meals, Saving Lives


The Salvation Army has been providing Thanksgiving dinner to the hungry, homeless, poor, and lonely for more than a century. In fact, our largest annual sit-down meal is believed to be the oldest Thanksgiving dinner for those in need in New York City – if not the entire country.

The Salvation Army Greater New York Division serves thousands of Thanksgiving dinners each year. Last year, over 15,000 hungry people in the Greater New York area received a Thanksgiving meal from The Salvation Army – part of our year round total of over 2.7 million meals served.

In addition to sit-down dinners, our Thanksgiving meal program in the Greater New York area includes the distribution of food baskets and turkeys, and the delivery of meals to the homebound.

But it’s not enough! There are too many adults and children in our area still going hungry on Thanks­giving – and beyond. To give more people in need the holiday meal they deserve, and our continued assistance throughout the year, we need your help! Your donation’s impact goes well beyond food. It’s life-changing.

The cost for Thanksgiving dinner is approximately $12 per meal. For $1,200, 100 hungry adults or children can enjoy an entire Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings.

Can we count on you to help us at this very special time of year?

Your donation today helps change a life tomorrow.
The total number of meals served by The Salvation Army to the hungry in the Greater New York area last year.
The number of hungry adults and children in the Greater New York area who received a Thanksgiving meal from The Salvation Army last year.
The cost to provide 100 hungry adults and children a Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings.
The cost to sponsor The Salvation Army’s entire Greater New York Thanksgiving meal program for one year.

“People might think we only serve the homeless at Thanksgiving, but our guests come from everywhere. They could be the working poor. They could be a family where one of the parents has just lost a job. They could be a young person, new to the area without much money, who just doesn’t want to eat alone on Thanksgiving. The stories are endless, and we welcome everyone who walks through our doors.” – Karen Cotugno, Deputy Director of Social Services Administration, The Salvation Army Greater New York Division.

“Celebratory holidays like Thanksgiving remind me to be grateful for what I have. Yet it’s also a reminder of what I am not able to provide for my family. That’s why I am particularly grateful to The Salvation Army this Thanksgiving.” – Eileen, a recipient, along with her family, of Thanksgiving dinner with The Salvation Army.

“Many times our relationship with a person or family in need begins with a meal like our Thanksgiving dinner. Afterwards, they may come to one of our centers, where we’re able to help them with other basic needs, like clothing or shelter. Next, they may become involved in our fellowship group or after-school program. As they begin to lift themselves up, they often want to give back. Before long, they’re volunteering themselves at our Thanksgiving dinner! It’s a journey that’s just miraculous and wonderful to be a part of.” – Major Loraine Medina, Director of Social Services, The Salvation Army Greater New York Division.

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